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30 August, 2014 - 23:31


Last night I went on and scrapped the previous bastnut Showroom (SLurl) at my island, Zoo. The Showroom was way too boring to me and I wanted something different. Instead of an actual building I built a little outdoors section with partial "walls" made of wooden planks stuck on the ground and hey, there is a door too. It doesn't really keep anyone out or in, but at least it is there.


In the showroom you can buy some of the stuff and just hang around if that pleases you. I will add more things as I get something done and get those things ready to be showcased and sold. If something you see in the showroom that's not yet for sale interests you, do contact me and we can strike a deal. And hey, there are plenty of items on Marketplace too, some not in the showroom currently.