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Wearing much?

23 August, 2014 - 00:08

Wearing much?

Do you know that thing when you look in your closet filled with clothes and sigh how you don't have anything to wear? Yeah. I have that thing in SL too. There's lots of stuff in my inventory but somehow I never have the right pair of shoes, that perfect hair or the dress I happen to need for this and that. Second Life problems, huh?

Wearing much?

It's been a while since my last outfit and since I got some flesh revealing stuff from insanya and accessories from [ bubble ] I decided to put on this one. It has so many pieces and yet covers so little. Kind of like my closet or my inventory: There's so much, but there's nothing. Ooh, just look at that fierce make-up. The make-ups are available at The Seraphim Social's latest installation (SLurl).

Lingerie set and shorts - insanya / Tatyana Ultsch (SLurl)
Hair - *ARGRACE* / rika Oyen
Knee bands, hair accessory flower, necklace and eye make-up - [ bubble ] / moonbubble Gothly (SLurl)
Mesh feet - Meli Imako / Meli Imako
Elf ears - ILLUSIONS / Siyu Suen
Skin, eyes - bastnut / Bastet Hazelnut (Marketplace)
Pose - !bang / Luna Jubilee (Marketplace)

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